Social Marketing

Reach thousands of potential customers via targeted social media campaigns.

Promote your product or service to a wider audience

An estimated 2.65 billion people worldwide actively use social media. This presents massive advertising opportunity. With a tailored social media ad, businesses can promote their product or service to a massive audience.

We liaise closely with all the popular social media platforms. This enables us to stay ahead of the curve when it comes to the latest advertisement and framework updates.

Our Service Includes

Facebook sponsored advert example.
Instagram login screen on mobile.


Pricing for social media marketing varies depending on the amount of research, planning and ad frequency.

Our pricing structure is simple and transparent. We will assess your marketing needs and quote accordingly. Our team will need a minimum of one month to achieve any projected targets.

Pay as you go

Looking to closely manage your marketing budget? Our pay as you go package allows you to manage your ad spend on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Not on social media?

Don't have any commercial social media pages. Not to worry, one of our experts can set them up.

Planning & Research

Identify your competition and their audiences. Develop strategies that speak their language.

Tracking & Reporting

Track, report and review your ad data to ensure your ads are performing as expected.

Creative Design

Tailored design maintains brand consistency and presents the correct company image.

Optimisation & Testing

Regular optimisation and testing will guarantee your ads reach the desired audience.

Working in Partnership

We're partnered and work extensively with Instagram, Facebook, Snapchat, LinkedIn, Pintrest, WhatsApp, YouTube and Twitter.